Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conference Highlights

The organization of the 5th Conference on Food Representation in Literature, Film and the Other Arts has been going slowly but steadily. A full program shall be ready and posted here within a week.

At this moment we can announce that the main speaker at the conference inaugural session on Thursday evening, February 21, 2008, will be Professor Sandra Gilbert.

Professor Wendy Barker is preparing a program for the Poetry Cafe that will be open on Friday evening, with an offering of a variety of good poetic readings on food.

The conference will meet al day Friday, Februeary 22, and the morning of Saturday 23. More than seventy speakers will be presenting their research in relation to the artistic use of food by literary authors and filmakers from different countries and periods. From Classical Greece to contemporary film, papers will address the many different uses of food imagery and food themes as significant and aesthetic components of the work of art.

As in previous conferences, participants will have the opportunity to converse with specialists in fields other than their own but equally centered in food as a subject of study and critical discusion.

San Antonio's dowtown amenities, and in special restaurants, should satisfy most participants, as the conference will meet at the downtown campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, across from the old Market and a few blocks away from the River Walk.

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